Metis Roots

Metis Family Roots

Historic Métis community developed from the inter-connected Métis populations at Penetanguishene and Parry Sound and environs. (the “Historic Georgian Bay Métis Community”)

1812 – War of 1812, the British (assisted by 180 voyageurs) re-take Mackinac

1828-1829 – Drummond Island ceded to Americans and the British military, along with a
civilian population of approximately 288 (75 families), including many Métis families, relocate to Penetanguishene Bay. Tiny Township became home to many of the Drummond Islander
Métis families.

Penetanguishene Metis Petition of 1840:

A petition of the Metis residing in the Town of Penetanguishene to the Governor General, dated January 27, 1840,

The petition of the undersigned half breeds residing in the Town of Penetanguishene,
humbly sheweth,

That your Petitioners, have always proved themselves, to be good and loyal Subjects, and a number of them when Call’d upon, have served in the Militia, and will always be ready at any Call when their services may again be required.

That your Petitioners are generally speaking, in poor circumstances, and that they do not share in any advantage in presents issued to the Indians as a number of the half breeds, from the Sault St. Marie (sic) and other places on the shores of Lake Huron have done for the last two years.
Therefore your Petitioners most humbly beg your Excellency will take their case under
your Excellency’s consideration and that your Excellency would be pleased to allow them to have the same advantages that persons of the same class (living at the Sault St. Marie(sic) and other places on the shores of Lake Huron), derive from the issue of Indian presents to them and their families.

The 22 petitioners, who all signed with their mark were:

Beausoleil, Alexis
Blette, Pierre
Frechette, Baptist
Geroux, Pierre
Labatte, Louis
Labatte, Michel
Lalonde, J. B.
Langlade, Charles Jr.
Langlade, Charles Sr.
Lavallée, Joseph
Payette, Ignace
Payette, Louis
St. Onge, Antoine
St. Onge, Joseph
St. Onge, Toussaint
Thibeau, Joseph
Toms, Thomas
Trudeau, Antoine

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Trudeau, J. B.
Trudeau, Joseph
Vasseur, André
Vasseur, Charles

At the time Samuel Jarvis, the Superintendent General of Indian Affairs, was of the view
that the Metis should be included in the present giving since in practice some were
included while others were excluded.